War Torn: Stories of Courage, Love, and Resilience

Foreword by Dr. James Garbarino.

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Praise for War Torn

Ken Miller vividly describes the sights, smells and sounds of each country so that readers feel that they are walking alongside him, from the jungles of Mexico to the dusty streets of Afghanistan. He explores not only the inhumanity of war, but also the ways in which humanity emerges “like flowers breaking through concrete”, vulnerable, resistive and emboldened. The reader is truly drawn in…
Leslie Snider, MDIntervention Journal

In evocative and powerful prose, Ken Miller captures the remarkable human capacity for resilience in the face of great adversity. He also writes with compassion about the lasting damage that war has on the human heart and mind, when the limits of resilience have been surpassed.
James Garbarino, Loyola University Chicago, author of No Place to be a Child: Growing up in a War Zone and Children and the Dark Side of Human Experience

You could find no better guide than Ken Miller to illuminate this dark territory. A skilled storyteller, he has an eye for nuance that is often missing in our cultural conversation about PTSD. There is great suffering in the aftermath of unthinkable events but there is also bravery and courage that reveal what is best about humanity. I put down this book with a heart that was broken but also filled with hope.
-Ethan Watters, Author of Crazy Like Us and Co-founder, San Francisco Writers Grotto

The courage and resilience on display in these eye-opening and heart-wrenching accounts is matched only by Miller’s brave and unflinching resolve to spend his life working in refugee camps and on the front lines, bearing witness to the individual horrors of armed conflict, while trying to help the victims heal, however imperfectly. With clarity of thought and prose, he also reminds us that “while people may be deeply wounded by the hardships they’ve endured, their spirits or psyches are seldom irreparably broken.”
-Diane Ackerman, author of The Zookeeper’s Wife

WAR TORN pieces together the tapestry of humanity, reminding us that we are all connected in our ability to rise above that which threatens to destroy us.
– Cyrus Webb, host of Conversations Live, on National Public Radio affiliate WMPR

War Torn provides harrowing first-hand insights into human suffering across contexts burned into global consciousness…Guatemala, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Syria…But this extraordinarily sensitive and insightful text ultimately communicates most powerfully regarding the humanity that endures in such adversity.
Alastair Ager, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh; author of Faith, Secularism, and Humanitarian Engagement, and editor of Refugees: Perspectives on the Experience of Forced Migration

War Torn is an incisive must-read for those who make it their life’s work to run toward the world’s fires with a commitment to help. And for the rest of us? Dr. Miller beckons us to accompany him on his highly readable personal journey, an intimate exploration of big questions, no more so than how we construct meaning in our lives. A rigorous and compelling critique of current (often narrow) efforts to intervene and conceptualize the emotional consequences of armed conflict. Beautifully marries hard data to vivid, gripping images that remind us what really is at stake.
Michael Sayette, Professor of Psychology, University of Pittsburgh

War Torn is an exceptional, gripping account of the impact of war—a must-read for anyone interested in how war profoundly shapes people. This collection of personal experiences and mosaic of situations provides rich and unique insights into the complexities of war torn countries.
Mark Jordans, LecturerKing’s College London

Ken Miller weaves together for us tragic stories of war, loss and injustice with tales of friendship, family, and laughter. Ken’s gift is the way he listens, which takes him and his readers beyond simple categories of war victim or trauma survivor to the complex experiences people have in settings torn apart by violence. I’m grateful for the way he has captured the simultaneously disabling and inspiring coexistence of darkness and light in these places.
Jeannie Annan, International Rescue Committee

Buy this book! If you have any interest in what it’s like to be involved in humanitarian aid, this is the book to read. From Guatemala, Mexico, Chicago, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Ken’s voice really comes through–his warmth, his curiosity, his humor. Ken speaks from the heart.
Andrew Rasmussen, Associate Professor of Psychology, Fordham University

Interviews, Talks, & Readings

A reading from War Torn at Unity Temple in Oak Park, Illinois, Aug 7 2017. Includes stories from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Guatemala. Oak Park Reading

“The Power and Perils of Compassion”: A dharma Talk at Unity Temple, with readings from War Torn and a reflection on how we can use compassion as a healing force. Compassion

“What Do Refugees Leave Behind?”  A Hague Talks presentation, with a short reading from War Torn and a talk about loss and resilience among refugees.

An interview on Voice of America radio about refugees, war, and resilience. Includes interview with a Syrian refugee featured in War TornVoice of America

An interview with the wonderful Maggie Linton about War Torn, the power we all have to help people recover from painful life events, and the human capacity for resilience and healing. The Maggie Linton Show

An interview with Rich Fisher on NPR affiliate Public Radio Tulsa 89.5 FM, about War Torn, working in war zones, faith & resilience, the limits of PTSD cross-culturally, and the use of local community members as healers. Studio Tulsa

A lively and engaging interview with Cyrus Webb of NPR affiliate WMPR, about War Torn, refugee stories, and the nature of psychological trauma across cultures. Conversations Live

An interview with Guy Rathbun, host of NPR affiliate KCBX  about War Torn, healing in the wake of trauma, and the nature and mystery of resilience. Ideasphere: A Platform for Today’s Voices

To read an interview about War Torn with writer & blogger Deborah Kalb, click here.

To learn more about my work, please see my website: www.kennethemiller.com



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